My Coloring Book
Performed By:  Kitty Kallen (1962)
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For those who fancy coloring books (and lots of people do),
Here's a new one for you.
A most unusual coloring book, the kind you never see;
Crayons ready? Very well... begin to color me.

These are the eyes that watched him as he walked away;
Color them gray.

This is the heart that thought he would always be true;
Color it blue.

(Bridge 1:)
These are the arms that held him and touched him
Then lost him somehow color them empty now.

This is the dress I wore til she came between 
Color it green.

(Bridge 2:)
This is the room I sleep in and walk in and weep in, 
And hide in that nobody sees... color it lonely please.

This is the man, the one I depended upon -
Color him... gone.
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