May Each Day
Performed By:  Andy Williams (1963)
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May each day of the week be a good day,
May the Lord always watch over you,
And may all of your hopes turn to wishes,
And may all of your wishes come true.

May each day of the month be a good day,
May you make friends with each one you meet,
And may all of your day dreams be mem'ries,
And may all of your mem'ries be sweet.

The weeks turn to months, and the months into years,
There'll be sadness and joy, there'll be laughter and tears.
But one thing I pray to the Heavens above:
May each of your days be a day full of love.

May each day in the year be a good day,
May each dawn find you happy and gay,
And may all of your days be as lovely
As the one you share with me today.
May each day in your life be a good day,
And good night.
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