Makin' Whoopie
Words:Gus Kahn
Music:Walter Donaldson
Performed By:  Eddie Cantor (1930), Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Shirley Bassey
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Another bride, another groom
Another sunny honeymoon
Another season, another reason
For makin' whoopee.

You get some shoes, a little rice
The groom's so nervous, he answers twice;
It's really thrillin' that he's so willin'
For makin' whoopie.

Picture a little love nest
Down where the roses cling;
Picture that same love nest,
And see what a year will bring.

He's doin' dishes and baby clothes;
He's so ambitious, he even sews.
Just don't forget, folks, that's what you get, folks,
For makin' whoopie.

Another year, maybe less
What's this I hear?  Well, can't you guess?
She feels neglected, and he's suspected
Of makin' whoopee

Yeah, she sits alone,
Most every night
He doesn't phone, he doesn't write
He says he's busy,
But she says, "Is he?"
He's makin' whoopee

Now he doesn't make much money
Only five thousand per
Some judge who thinks he's funny
Says, "You'll pay six to her."

He says, "Now judge, suppose I fail?"
Judge say, "Budge.  Right into jail.
You'd better keep her.  I think it's cheaper
Than makin' whoopee."

Yes, yeah, you better keep her
Daddy, I think it's cheaper
Then makin' whoopee
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