Words:Lorenz Hart
Music:Richard Rodgers
Performed By:  Paul Whiteman (1933), Frank Sinatra, George Arus, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee (1952)
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Lover, when I'm near you
And I hear You speak my name
Softly, in my ear you breathe a flame.

Lover, when we're dancing,
keep on glancing, in my eyes
Till loves own entrancing, music dies

All of my future is in you
Your every plan I design
Promise you'll always continue
To be mine

Lover, please be tender,
when you're tender, fears depart
Lover, I surrender, to my heart

(instrumental bridge)

Lover, it's immoral,
But why quarrel, with our bliss
When two lips of coral born to kiss

I see the devil is in you,
And to resist you I try,
But if you didn't continue, I would die.

Lover, please be tender,
When your tender fears depart,
Lover, please surrender to my heart.
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