Lazy Summer Night
Words:Harold Spina
Music:Harold Spina
Performed By:  The Four Preps (1958)
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It's such a lazy summer night,
There's not a moving thing in sight
It's all  so quiet, no riot,
Why, even in the thicket, Mister Cricket's slowin' down.
It's such a lazy summer night
That inspiration point is right
For fancy dreamin' and seemin'
To just relax and run away from town.

Hey take a look at all those other cars;
They're parked here just like ours, to count the stars above;
It seems we're not alone. I guess I should have known,
Romance runs high the last two weeks in July.

It's such a lazy summer night,
Tonight the fire flies will light
The way for lovers, for lovers like us to love.

It's such a lazy summer night.
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