Don't Turn Around
Performed By:  Bonnie Tyler, Ace Of Base
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(According to the Ace of Base version:
Music & Lyrics by Dianne Warren & Albert Hammond 
Rap Lyrics by Ulf Ekberg

According to the Bonnie Tyler version:
Written by Diane Warren and Albert Hammond)

If you wanna leave
I won't beg you to say
And if you gotta go darling
Maybe it's better that way
I'm gonna be strong
I'm gonna do fine
Don't worry about this heart of mine
Just walk out the door
See if I care
Go on and go, but

Don't turn around
'Cause you're gonna see my heart breaking
Don't turn around
I don't want you seeing me cry
Just walk away
It's tearing me apart that you're leaving
I'm letting you go
But I won't let you go

I won't miss your arms around me
Holding me tight
And if you ever think about me
Just know that I'll be alright
I'm gonna be strong
I'm gonna do fine
Don't worry about this heart of mine
I will survive
I'll make it through
I'll even learn to live without you

Don't turn around...

I wish I could scream out loud
That I love you
I wish I could say to you
Don't go
As he walks away
He feels the pain growing strong
People in your life
They don't know what's going on
Too proud to turn around
He's gone

Don't turn around...
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