Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Performed By:  The Weavers, Peter, Paul And Mary, Jimmy Rogers
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When I was a young man and never been kissed 
I got to thinking it over what I had missed. 
I got me a girl, I kissed her and then, and then,
Oh Lord, I kissed her again. 

She had kisses sweeter than wine, she had
Oh - oh kisses sweeter than wine.

I asked her to marry and be my sweet wife, 
And we would be so happy the rest of our lives. 
I begged and I pleaded like a natural man, 
And then, Oh Lord, she gave me her hand. 


I worked mighty hard and so did my wife, 
Workin' hand in hand to make a good life. 
With corn in the field and wheat in the bins, 
I was, Oh Lord, the father of twins. 


Our children they numbered just about four, 
They all had sweethearts knockin' at the door. 
They all got married and they didn't hesitate; 
I was, Oh Lord, the grandfather of eight. 


Now that we're old, and ready to go, 
We get to thinkin' what happened a long time ago. 
We had a lot of kids, trouble and pain, 
But, Oh Lord, we'd do it again. 

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