It's The Talk Of The Town
Performed By:  Glen Gray (1937)
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I can't show my face, can't go anyplace,
People stop and stare, it's so hard to bear.
Ev'rybody knows you left me...
It's the talk of the town.

Ev'rytime we meet, my heart skips a beat;
We don't stop to speak, though it's just a week.
Ev'rybody knows you left me...
It's the talk of the town.

We sent out invitations to friends and relations
Announcing our wedding day;
Friends and relations gave congratulations -
How can you face them? What can you say?

Let's make up, sweetheart, we can't stay apart;
Don't let foolish pride keep you from my side.
How can love like ours be ended?
It's the talk of the town.
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