It's All Right With Me
Words:Cole Albert Porter
Music:Cole Albert Porter
Performed By:  Peggy Lee (1952), Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Erroll Garner
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It's the wrong time and the wrong place; 
Though your face is charming it's the wrong face. 
It's not his face, but such a charming face 
That it's all right with me.

It's the wrong song in the wrong style; 
Though your smile is lovely it's the wrong smile. 
It's not his smile, but such a lovely smile 
That it's all right with me.

You can't know how happy I am that we met;
I'm strangely attracted to you.
There's someone I'm trying so hard to forget -
Don't you want to forget someone, too?

It's the wrong game, with the wrong chips;
Though you lips are tempting they're the wrong lips.
They're not his lips but they're such tempting lips
That if some night you're free,
Well it's all right, yes it's all right, with me.
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