In The Dark
Words:Lil Green
Music:Lil Green
Performed By:  Nina Simone (1966), Mary Steenburgen (1991)
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In the dark, it's just you and I;
Not a sound, there's not one sigh,
Just the beat of my poor heart in the dark.

In the dark, in the dark, I get such a thrill
When he presses his fingertips upon my lips,
And he begs me to please keep still in the dark.

But soon, this dance will be endin'
And you're gonna be missed
Gee, I'm not pretendin'
'Cause I swear it's fun, fun to be kissed.

In the dark, now we will find
What the rest have left behind;
Just let them dance - we're gonna find ro-mance,
In the dark... in the dark.
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