If I Give My Heart To You
Performed By:  Doris Day (1954), Denise Lor (1954), Connee Boswell (1954), The Wright Brothers (1954), Dinah Shore (1954), Kitty Kallen (1959)
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If I give my heart to you, 
Will you handle it with care?
Will you always treat me tenderly and in every way be fair?

If I give my heart to you, 
Will you give me all your love?
Will you swear that you'll be true to me 
By the light that shines above?

And will you sigh with me when I'm sad?
Smile with  me  when I'm glad?
And always be as you are with me tonight?

Think it over and be sure;  
Please don't answer till you do.
When you promise all those things to me, 
Then I'll give my heart to you.

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat final verse)
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