I'll Buy That Dream
Words:Herb Magidson
Music:Allie Wrubel
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra, Harry James (1946), Helen Forrest (1946), Dick Haymes (1946)
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Imagine me with my head on your shoulder,
And you with your lips getting bolder,
A sky full of moon and a sweet, mellow tune -
I'll buy that dream.

Imagine me in a gown white and flow'ry,
And you thanking Dad for my dowry,
A church full of folks, those last minute jokes -
I'll buy that dream.


A honeymoon in Cairo, in a brand new autogyro,
Then off to Rio for a drink;
We'll settle down in Dallas in a little plastic palace...
Oh it's not as crazy as you think.

Imagine me, eighty-three, wearing glasses,
And you, ninety two, making passes;
It doesn't sound bad, and if it can be had -
I'll buy that dream.

(Repeat First Two Verses)

(Repeat Bridge)

Imagine me on our first annivers'ry,
With some one like you in the nursery;
Oh, it doesn't sound bad, and if it can be had
I'll buy that dream.
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