I Guess I'll Have To Dream The Rest
Words:Mickey Stoner and Martin Block
Music:Harold Green
Performed By:  Glenn Miller (1941), Ray Eberle (1941), The Modernaires (1941), Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey
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I guess I'll have to dream the rest,
If you can't remember the things that you said,
The nights that my shoulder held your sleepy head;
If you believe that parting's best,
I guess I'll have to dream the rest.

I guess I'll have to dream alone
Of honeymoon cruises once dear to my heart,
Of one room apartments where we said we'd start,
Of foolish things we planned to own,
I guess I'll have to dream alone.

I can see that your heart has gone astray;
As for me, I'll love you the same old way.

I guess I'll have to dream the rest;
There'll be no friends waiting to throw shoes and rice;
Those heavenly moments will never come twice;
I'm thankful for the hours you've bless'd -
I guess I'll have to dream the rest.
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