How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
Words:Bob Merrill
Music:Bob Merrill
Performed By:  Patti Page (1953)
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How much is that doggie in the window,
The one with the waggley tail?
How much is that doggie in the window? 
I do hope that doggie's for sale.

I must take a trip to California
And leave my poor sweetheart alone;
If he has a dog, he won't be lonesome,
And the doggie will have a good home. 

(Repeat Refrain)

I read in the paper there are robbers 
With flashlights that shine in the dark;
My love needs a doggie to protect him
And scare them away with one bark.

I don't want a bunny or a kitty,
I don't want a parrot that talks;
I don't want a bowl of little fishies
He can't take a goldfish for walks.

(Repeat Refrain)
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