House Of Bamboo
Performed By:  Earl Grant (1960)
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Number fifty-four,
The house with the bamboo door,
Bamboo roof and bamboo walls,
They've even got a bamboo floor!

You must get to know Soho Joe,
He runs an Expresso,
Called the House of Bamboo.

It's-a made of sticks.
Sticks and bricks,
But you can get your kicks
In the house of bamboo.

In this casino, you can drink a 'chino,
And it's gotcha swingin' to the cha cha
Dance the bolero in a sombrero.
Shake like a snake!

You wanna drop in when the cats are hoppin'.
Let your two feet move-a to the big beat;
Pick yourself a kitten and listen to a platter
That rocks the jukebox!

I'm-a telling you, when you're blue,
Well there's a lot to do
In the House Of Bamboo.
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