The High And The Mighty
Performed By:  The Les Baxter Orchestra (1954)
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I was high and mighty,  
How I laughed a love and the stars above.
Then you came like a gentle flame
And helped me find my way.

I was high and mighty, 
And I told my heart where to stop and start.
Now I find that I was blind -
I'm learning it day by day.

Love can change things,
Rearrange things -
Oh, what strange things love can do.

I'm not high and mighty,
But I have what¹s worth all the gold on earth.
I have you, and I give my heart
Forever and ever to you.

This arrangement is transposed and adapted from one recently posted by 
Kitch on the newsgroup. He added the following information:

From the movie The High and the Mighty starring John Wayne, about 
1954. An interesting song. It originally was just to be whistled by John 
Wayne throughout the movie - there were no lyrics. Tiomkin wanted it 
nominated for the Academy Award, which requires lyrics, so he hired 
Washington to write the lyrics, and Johnny Desmond to record it, after 
which it was stuck on during the credits at the end of the movie.

Tiomkin nearly got his wish: the song received an Oscar nomination, but 
lost out to "Three Coins in the Fountain."
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