Hernando's Hideaway
Performed By:  Archie Bleyer (1954), Ella Fitzgerald
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I know a dark secluded place,
A place where no one knows your face;
A glass of wine, a fast embrace -
It's called Hernando's Hideaway (ole!)

All you see are silhouettes,
And all you hear are castanets,
And no one cares how late it gets,
Not at Hernando's Hideaway (ole!)

At the golden finger bowl or anyplace you go,
You will meet your uncle Max and ev'ryone you know;
But if you go to that spot that I am thinking of,
You will be free to gaze at me and talk of love.

Just knock three times and whisper low
That you and I were sent by Joe,
Then strike a match and you will know
You're in Hernando's Hideaway (ole!)
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