Girl Talk
Performed By:  Tony Bennett
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They like to chat about the dresses they will wear tonight
They chew the fat about their tresses and the neighbor's fight;
Inconsequential things that men don't really care to know
Becoe essential things that women find so appropos -
But that's a dame, they're all the same it's just a game they call it
Girl talk, girl talk

They all meow about the ups and downs of all their friends,
The who, the how, the why - they dish the dirt, it never ends.
The weaker sex, the "speaker" sex we mortal males behold
But though we joke, we wouldn't trade you for a ton of gold.

(First time:)
So baby stay and gab away, but hear me say that after
Girl talk, talk to me.
So baby stay, and gab away, but hear me say 
That after girl talk, talk to me.

(Last time:)
It's all been planned, so take my hand; please understand
The sweetest girl talk talks of me.
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