Feel Like Makin' Love
Words:Eugene McDaniels
Music:Eugene McDaniels
Performed By:  Roberta Flack (1974)
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Strollin' in the park, watching winter turn to spring
Walkin' in the dark, seein' lovers do their thing

Ooh that's the time, I feel like makin' love to you,
That's the time, I feel like makin' dreams come true, 
Ooh baby.

When you talk to me, when you're moanin' sweet and low,
When you're touching me and my feelings start to show.

(Repeat Refrain)

In a restaurant, holding hands by candlelight,
While I'm touching you, wanting you with all my might.

(Repeat Refrain)

*If McDaniels' name sounds familiar, it should - more than 10 years before 
writing this Roberta Flack hit, and recording under the first name "Gene" 
rather than Eugene, he had a series of hits of his own with "A Hundred 
Pounds of Clay," "Tower of Strength," and "Chip, Chip" among others.
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