Falling In Love With Love
Words:Lorenz Hart
Music:Richard Rogers
Performed By:  Frances Langford (1939), Frank Sinatra
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Frank Sinatra version arranged by:  Axel Stordahl - Axel Stordahl - Billy May
Album Title:  The V-Disc, 1943-1947, disc 1
Label:  Columbia - Columbia - Reprise
Recorded:  7/8/44 - 8/8/46 - 5/19/61
I weave with brightly colored strings
To keep my mind off other things
So, ladies, let your fingers dance
And keep your hands out of romance
Lovely witches
Let the stitches
Keep your fingers under control
Cut the thread, but leave
The whole heart whole
Merrry maids can sew and sleep
Wives can only sew and weep
Falling in love with love
Is falling for make-believe
Falling in love with love
Is playing the fool
Caring too much is juvenile fancy
Learning to trust is just
For children in school
I fell in love with love one night
When the moon was full
I was unwise with eyes
Unable to see
I fell in love with love
With love everlasting
But love fell out with me
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