Dream (When You're Feeling Blue)
Words:Johnny Mercer
Music:Johnny Mercer
Performed By:  The Pied Pipers (1945), Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald
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Get in touch with that sundown fellow
As he tiptoes across the sand
He's got a million kinds of stardust
Pick your fav'rite brand, and

Dream when you're feelin' blue,
Dream that's the thing to do.
Just watch the smoke rinks rise in the air;
You'll find your share of memories there.

So dream when the day is through;
Dream and they might come true.
Things never are as bad as they seem,
So dream, dream, dream.

(Instrumental - Strings)

Dream when the day is through
Dream, and they might come true
Things never are as bad as they seem
So dream, dream, dream.

So dream, dream, dream
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