Don't Worry 'Bout Me
Words:Theodore Koehler
Music:Rube Bloom
Performed By:  Artie Shaw (1938), Helen Forrest (1938), Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Joe Pass
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Don't worry 'bout me, I'll get along;
Forget about me, be happy my love.
Let's say that our little show is over, and so the story ends;
Why not call it a day the sensible way, and still be friends?

No, "Look out for yourself" should be the rule;
Give your heart and your love to whomever you love, 
Oh, don't be a fool.
Darling, why should you cling to some fading thing that used to be?
For if you can't forget, don't worry 'bout me.

(instrumental - first two lines of second verse)

Baby, why should you cling to some fading thing that used to be?
If you can't forget, don't you worry 'bout me
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