Deja Vu
Performed By:  Dionne Warwick (1979)
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This is insane -
All you did was say hello, speak my name.
Feeling your love like a love I used to know long ago.
How can it be?
You're a different space and time come to me.
Feel like I'm home in a place I used to know long ago.

Deja vu - 
Could you be the dream that I once knew? Is it you?
Deja vu -
Could you be the dream that might come true shining through?
I keep remembering me, I keep remembering you - deja vu.

This is devine;
I've been waiting all my life, filling time.
Looking for you; nights were more than you could know long ago.

Come to me now;
We don't have to dream of love - we know how.
Somewhere before, it's as if I've loved you so, so long ago.

(Repeat Refrain:)
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