(I Was) Born To Be Blue
Performed By:  Nancy Wilson (1960), Ella Fitzgerald
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Some folks were meant to live in clover,
But they are such a chosen few;
And clover, being green, is something I've never seen,
'Cause I was born to be blue.

When there's a yellow moon above me,
They say that moon beams I should view;
But moon beams, being gold, are something I can't behold,
'Cause I was born to be blue.

When I met you, the world was bright and sunny;
When you left, the curtain fell.
I want to laugh, but nothing strikes me funny;
Now my world's a faded pastel.

Well, I guess I'm luckier than some folks -
I've known the thrill of loving you,
And that alone is more than I was created for
'Cause I was born to be blue.
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