Blame It On My Youth
Words:Edward Heyman
Music:Oscar Levant
Performed By:  Nat "King" Cole (1956), Frank Sinatra
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You were my adored one,
Then you became the bored one,
And I was like a toy that brought you joy one day,
A broken toy that you preferred to throw away.

If I expected love when first we kissed, blame it on my youth.
If only just for you did I exist, blame it on my youth.
I believed in everything, like a child of three.
You meant more than anything, all the world to me.

If you were on my mind both night and day, blame it on my youth.
If I forgot to eat and sleep and pray, blame it on my youth.
And if I cried a little bit when first I learned the truth,
Don't blame it on my heart, blame it on my youth.
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