Aura Lee
Performed By:  The Cumberland Three (1960)
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As the blackbird in the spring, 'neath the willow tree,
Sat and piped, I heard him sing, sing of Aura Lee.

Aura Lee, Aura Lee, maid with gol - den  hair,
Sunshine came along with thee, and swallows in the air.

On her cheek the rose was born, 'twas music when she spoke;
In her eyes the light of morn with glorious splendor broke.

(Repeat Refrain)

Take my heart and take my ring, I give by all to thee;
Take me for eternity, Dearest Aura Lee.

(Repeat Refrain)

Aura Lee, the birds may flee the willow's golden hair;
Then the wintry winds may be blowing ev'rywhere.

(Final Refrain)

Yet if they blue eyes I see, gloom will soon depart;
For to me, sweet Aura Lee, is sunshine to the heart.
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