Treat Me Nice
Words:Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
Music:Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
Performed By:  Elvis Presley
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(Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)

When I walk throught that door,
Baby, be polite.
You're gonna make me sore
If you don't greet me right
Don't-cha ever kiss me once, kiss me twice,

Treat me nice.

I know that you've been told
It's not fair to tease
So if you come on cold,
I'm really gonna freeze.
If you don't want me to be cold as ice,

Treat me nice

Make me feel at home
If you really care
Scratch my back and run your pretty fingers through my hair
You know I'd be your slave
If ask me to
But if you don't be have,
I'll walk right out on you.
If you want my love then take my advice,
Treat me nice.
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