Words:Sunny Skylar
Music:Gabriel Ruiz
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby (1944)
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Amor, amor, amor
This word so sweet that I repeat means I adore you.
Amor, amor, my love,
Would you deny this heart that I have placed before you?

I can't find another word with meaning so clear,
My lips try to whisper sweeter things in your ear.
But somehow or other, nothing sounds quite so dear,
As this soft caressing word I know.

Amor, amor, my love,
When you're away, there is no day, and nights are lonely.
Amor, amor, my love,
Make life divine - say you'll be mine and love me only.


(Repeat Bridge)

Amor, amor, my love, when you're away there is no day and nights are lonely
Amor, amor, my love, make life divine, say you'll be mine, and love me only
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