A Dreamer's Holiday
Performed By:  Buddy Clark (1949), Gordon Jenkins (1949), The Gordon Jenkins Orchestra (1949), Perry Como (1949), The Fontane Sisters (1949), Frank Sinatra (1949), Willie Nelson (1983), Leon Redbone (1992)
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Climb aboard a butterfly and take off in the breeze,
Let your worries flutter by and do the things you please,
In the land where dollar bills are falling off the trees,
On a dreamer's holiday.

Ev'ry day for breakfast, there's a dish of scrambled stars,
And for luncheon, you'll be munchin' rainbow candy bars; 
You'll be livin' a-la-mode on Jupiter and Mars
On a dreamer's holiday.


Make it a long vacation; time there is plenty of.
You need no reservation -- just bring the one you love.

Help yourself to happiness and sprinkle it with mirth,
Close your eyes and concentrate and dream for all you're worth;
You will feel terrific when you get back down to earth
From a dreamer's holiday.

Repeat Bridge:

Repeat Final Verse:


From a dreamer's holiday.
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