When I Fall In Love
Words:Victor Young
Music:Edward Heyman
Performed By:  The Lettermen (1961), Doris Day (1962), Nat "King" Cole (1962), The Carpenters, Marilyn Monroe
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(Young / Heyman)

When I fall in love
Maybe I'm old fashioned feeling as I do
Maybe I'm just living in the past
But when I meet the right one, I know I'll be true
My first love will be my last

When I fall in love, it will be forever
Or I'll never fall in love
In a restless world like this is
Love is ended before it's begun
And too many moonlight kisses
Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

When I give me heart, it will be completely
Or I'll never give my heart
And the moment I can fell that you fell that way too
Is when I fall in love with you

And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
Is when I fall in love with you
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