Twenty Days And Twenty Nights
Performed By:  Elvis Presley
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(Weisman - Westlake)

I left my home up in the hill far behind me
I left my wife with unpaid bills, she can't find me
I'm trying out the world for size,
find that it's not paradise, it's lonely
Now for twenty days and twenty nights I've been alone
And that ain't right without her

City ways are strange to me, I can't make it
For it's not like it ought to be, I can't take it
Gotta face the truth one day,
man can't always run away from trouble
No, now for twenty days and twenty nights
I've been a fool
And that ain't right, without her

One day soon I'm going back,
where she still minds me
And then out of line and off the track,
but that's behind me
I fooled around and did it well,
but I just couldn't ring the bell , without her, no
It's taken twenty days and twenty nights
to prove me wrong and make her right
Twenty days and twenty nights
I was wrong and she was right, all along

Oh, I miss her
Oh, how I miss her, oh how I miss her,
oh how I miss her
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