That Ol' Wind
Performed By:  Garth Brooks
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That Ol' Wind
Perf. Garth Brooks

Words and Music: Leigh Reynolds and Garth Brooks

She dropped her boy at school on time,
One less worry on her mind.
Now its off to work and on the radio
Comes an old familiar song,
And then the DJ's voice comes on
And says he's back in town tonight for one last show.

Her eyes well up with tears
God, could it be? It's been ten years
Since that autumn night outside the county fair
When two strangers shared the night
And in the darkness found a light
That to this day is still alive and burning there.

He asked her twice to come along,
And said "goodbye" at the break of dawn,
'Cos you can't hold back the wind
and if its meant to be again
Then someday he'll find his way to her arms.

The marquee miss-spelt his name
And not too many people came
But that didn't matter to them
They laughed and loved all through the night
And as they faced the morning light
They found themselves standing there again

And he asked her twice to come along
And said "goodbye" at the break of dawn
As his bus left out she cried
With him standing by her side
That ol' wind had once again found its way home.

Someday he'll tell her about the money he hid.
Someday she'll tell him that the boy is his kid.
For right now they're both in love
The only thing they're thinking of
Is they're finally where their hearts have always been.

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