I Don't Have To Wonder
Performed By:  Garth Brooks
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I Don't Have To Wonder (Duration 3:04)
Perf. Garth Brooks
Album: Sevens

Drums: Milton Sledge
Bass: Mike Chapman
Keyboards: Bobby Wood
Electric Guitar: Chris Leuzinger
Acoustic Guitar: Mark Casstevens
Fiddle: Rob Hajacos
Steel: Bruce Bouton
Choir: Kathy Chiavola, Vicki Hampton, Susan Ashton, Trisha Yearwood,
       Robert Bailey, Yvonne Hodges

Written by Shawn Camp and Taylor Dunn
(c) 1997 Foreshadow Songs Inc (Administered by CMI) (BMI)/Shawn Camp Music
(Administered by Foreshadow Songs Inc) (BMI)/Starstruck Angel Music Inc (BMI)

Drove to the church
In my suit and tie
But I just couldn't bring myself
To go inside

So I sat alone
In my truck across the street
Watched that chauffer smokin' cigarettes
By that long white limousine

I could just imagine
What was goin' on in there
Sunlight streamin' through the stained glass
And those flowers in her hair

  And in less time than it takes a tear to fall
  Those bells rang loud as thunder
  As they opened up the doors
  Now I don't have to wonder anymore

Laughin' and cryin'
Tossin' that bouquet
And when you got in that limo
I drove off the other way

And I still don't know
Why things happened like they did
But I parked that old pickup
On that lonesome river bridge

I took your ring from my pocket
And I held it one last time
Watched that diamond sparkle
I drew back and let her fly

  And in less time than it takes a tear to fall
  Oh that old ring went under
  And now it's gone for sure
  And I don't have to wonder anymore

Well the angels sang like thunder
As I felt myself go under
Now I don't have to wonder any more
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