All I Needed Was The Rain
Performed By:  Elvis Presley (1968)
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All I Needed Was The Rain

(Text & music by Ben Weisman - Sid Wayne )

Hello misfortune,
how's my old friend "Mr. Misery"?
I've been away so long
I bet you think you saw the last of me
Got no bed, to rest my head
No doors or walls or window pane
Now all I needed was the rain
rain, rain, rain, rain

Met a little honey at the
"Buzzin' Bumble Bee Cafe" Yes I did
One drink and all my money
and that honey bee had flown away
I'm 'bout as low, as I can go
I don't really mean to complain
Now all I needed was the rain
rain, rain...rain..rain

All I needed was this rain...
All I needed was the
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