A Whole New World
Words:Sir Timothy Rice
Music:Alan Menken
Performed By:  Unknown
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A Whole New World 
From: Aladdin
Music: Alan Menken 
Lyrics: Tim Rice 
Performed by: Brad Kane [Aladdin], Lea Salonga [Jasmine]

[Aladdin:] I can show you the world
           Shining, shimmering, splendid 
           Tell me, princess, now when did 
           You last let your heart decide? 

           I can open your eyes 
           Take you wonder by wonder 
           Over, sideways and under 
           On a magic carpet ride 

           A whole new world 
           A new fantastic point of view 
           No one to tell us no 
           Or where to go 
           Or say we're only dreaming 

[Jasmine:] A whole new world 
           A dazzling place I never knew 
           But when I'm way up here 
           It's crystal clear 
           That now I'm in a whole new world with you 
[Aladdin:] Now I'm in a whole new world with you 

[Jasmine:] Unbelievable sights 
           Indescribable feeling 
           Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling 
           Through an endless diamond sky 

           A whole new world 
[Aladdin:] Don't you dare close your eyes 
[Jasmine:] A hundred thousand things to see 
[Aladdin:] Hold your breath - it gets better 
[Jasmine:] I'm like a shooting star 
           I've come so far 
           I can't go back to where I used to be 

[Aladdin:] A whole new world 
[Jasmine:] Every turn a surprise 
[Aladdin:] With new horizons to pursue 
[Jasmine:] Every moment red-letter 
[Both:]    I'll chase them anywhere 
           There's time to spare 
           Let me share this whole new world with you 

           A whole new world 
           That's where we'll be 
[Aladdin:] A thrilling chase 
[Jasmine:] A wondrous place 
[Both:]    For you and me 

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