Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Words:Vince Guaraldi
Music:Vince Guaraldi
Performed By:  Vince Guaraldi (1962), Sounds Orchestral (1965)
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A month of nights, a year of days,
Octobers drifting into Mays;
I set my sail as the tide comes in
And I just cast my fate to the wind.

I shift my course along the breeze;
Won't sail upwind on memories.
The empty sky is my best friend,
And I just cast my fate to the wind.

Time has such a way of changing 
A man throughout the years;
And now I'm rearranging my life through all my tears
Alone, alone.

There never was, there couldn't be
A place in time for men like me
Who'd drink the dark and laugh the day
And let their wildest dreams blow away.

(Repeat Bridge)

So now I'm old, I'm wise and smart;
I'm just a man with half a heart.
I wonder how it might have been
Had I not cast my fate to the wind.
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