From Denver To L.A.
Performed By:  Elton John
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From Denver To L.A.

Written by Francis Lai and Hal Sharper
Released as a US single in 1970
Available on the soundtrack "The Games"

 1970 ??

If I say goodbye it'll grieve you
Denver means the whole world to you
Girl it breaks me up just to leave you
But I got things that I gotta do

Got to take my guitar
With one break I'm a star
Girl I'll love you forever more
But today I've got to make my way
From Denver to L.A.

Girl I know that you'll make me stay
But today I've got to make my way
From Denver to L.A.

There's a whole new life to be led there
That's the place that I gotta be
Guys are making mountains of bread there
Reckon it could happen to me

Lots of guys make the grade
Just one break and I may
And I'll bring it on home
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