Through The Storm
Performed By:  Elton John, Aretha Franklin
Copyright:© 1989 Arista Records Inc.
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Through The Storm

Duet with Aretha Franklin
Written by Albert Hammond and Diane Warren
Released as a single in 1989

 1989 Arista Records Inc.

In this world it's hard you know
Lovers come and lovers go
People never seem to hold on to what they've got
Some, they never stay together
But you and I well we know better
We can make it last forever
We can keep the love alive

Through the storm
Through the tears
You and I
I know we can survive
To the day
Through the night
If we try
We can keep it alive
We can keep it alive

I know sometimes it's been so tough
We've been so close to givin' up
But our love's so strong
We're holdin' on to what we got
It's easier to walk away
It takes a lot of love to stay
We got all the love it takes
We know there's a brighter day

We just got to be strong
We just got to be strong
We just got to be strong together

We just gotta hold on
We just gotta hold on
We just gotta hold on and go through the storm
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