Don't Pass Me By
Performed By:  The Beatles
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I listen for your footsteps coming up the drive,
Listen for your footsteps but they don't arrive,
Waiting for your knock dear on my old front door,
I don't hear it,
Does it mean you don't love me anymore?
I hear the clock a-ticking on the mantelshelf,
See the hands a-moving but I'm by myself,
I wonder where you are tonight and why I'm by myself,
I don't see you.
Does it mean you don't love me anymore?
Sorry that I doubted you
I was so unfair,
You were in a car crash and you lost your hair,
You said that you would be late an hour or two
I said that's all right I'm waiting here just waiting to hear
from you.
Don't pass me by, don't make me cry, don't make me blue,
'Cause you know daring I love only you,
You'll never know it hurt me so,
How I hate to see you go,
Don't pass me by, Don't make me cry.
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