Wild Love
Words:Bernard Taupin
Music:Elton John
Performed By:  Elton John
Copyright:© 1986 Big Pig Music
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Never released

It makes a lot of difference
It takes a lot of time
To call it quits, and let it slide
And leave someone behind

It's hard not to think of her
In terms of causing pain
I see her now for what she's worth
She takes my love in vain

And wild love is dangerous play
And now she cuts you time and time again
Cuts the rough with the smooth
Cuts the heart out of you
Now you're taking my love in vain
Yes wild love is dangerous play
And feel you and touch you
And cut you time and time again

Can't always blame a woman
I should have read her mind
I cut the deck too low I guess
I walked a fine thin line

It's like they say so often
The calm before the scream
The days that passed in silence
Were so few and far between
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