Hard Core Troubador
Performed By:  Steve Earle
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Hard Core Troubador
Perf. Steve Earle

Girl, don't bother to lock your door
He's out there hollering, don't you love me no more
You always let him in before you didn't know
He's just singing the same old song
That he always sang before
He's the last of the hard core troubadors

Girl, better figure out which is which
Wherefore art thou Romeo you sone of a bitch
You'd just as soon fight as switch now wouldn't you
He's come to make love on your satin sheets
Wake up on your living floor
He's the last of the hard core troubadors

He's the last of the all-night do right
Stand beneath your window till daylight
He's the last of the hard core troubadors
Baby, what you waitin' for.

Girl, figure out what you're gonna do
When he moves on again and he leaves you alone and blue
But you knew he is just passin' through now didn't you
And now you can't just say this is the last time baby
Like you always did before
He's the last of the hard core troubadors.
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