Tom Ames' Prayer
Words:Steve Earle
Music:Steve Earle
Performed By:  Steve Earle
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Tom Ames' Prayer
Perf. Steve Earle
Albums: Uncut Gems

Everyone that could know just knew
Tom Ames would come to some bad end
Well the sherriff had caught him stealing chickens and such
by the time that he was ten
Then one day his daddy took a ten-dollar bill
And he tucked it in his hand
He said "I can tell you're headed for trouble son,
Your moma wouldn't understand."
So he took that money and his brother's old van
And left without a word of thanks
Fell in with a crowd at some border town
And took to robbing banks.


Outside the law, luck ran out fast
and fears came and went
'Til he was trapped in an alley and I believe
it was all before ???????
And he realised praying was the only thing
that he had never tried
Well, he wasn't sure that he knew quit how
but he looked up to the sky
Said "You don't owe me nothin',
and as far as I know, Lord,
I don't owe nothin' to you.
I ain't askin' for a miracle Lord,
just a little bit of luck would do
You know I ain't ever prayed before,
but it always seemed to me
That prayin' was the same as beggin', Lord,
and I don't take no charity."


Ridin' out Lord, with my back to the wall
I can't help but recall
How they nearly hung me for stealing a horse in Portsmith, Arkensaw
Judge Parker said "Guilty" and the gavel came down just like a canon shot
And I went away quietly and began to file a plot
Well they sent the preacher down to my cell
and said "The Lord is your only hope"
He's the only friend that you're gonna have
when you hit the ?????????
I guess he coulda kept on preachin' to Christmas
but he turned his back on me
And I put a home-made blade to that golden throat
And asked the deputy for the key

Now that ain't the first close call that I had
As I'm sure you already know
I've had some help from you, Lord
And the devil himself ??? strictly touch and go
Well who the hell am I talkin' to
there ain't no-one here but me

And then he cocked both of his pistols and spit in the dirt
And he walked out on that street.
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