She's So Mean
Performed By:  Steve Earle
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She's So Mean
Perf. Steve Earle

Way she walks
You'd think she'd just stepped out of a magazine
Way she talks
You'd swear you'd heard her voice up on the screen   (?????)
She's got the money, she's got the looks
But looks like, honey, she even cooks            (?????)
But she's so mean

When she's hot
And you can push her all around a field of fire
When she's not
You're burnin' up inside from your own desire
She'll heat you up
She cool you down
No matter what, you'll hang around
Ah, she's so mean

She's so mean.


She's so mean.
Ah, she's so mean

You try to hold her, she'll laugh and run
You try to kiss her, she'll bite your tongue
Well, she's so mean
She's so mean.

She's so mean.

It's so plain
She's so mean.
She's so mean.
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