Tryin' To Get To You
Words:McCoy Singleton
Music:McCoy Singleton
Performed By:  Elvis Presley
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Standard tuning:

Riff 1:                        Riff 2:
                E                   A
e||-------------0--|  e||--------------|
B||-------------0--|  B||-----------2--|
G||-------------1--|  G||-----------2--|
D||-------------2--|  D||-----------2--|
A||--0--1--2----2--|  A||-----------0--|
E||-------------0--|  E||--0--2--4-----|

Intro:  E  A  E  B7
                             E          Riff 1
    I've been traveling over mountains
    Even through the valleys, too
    [NC]                          A
    I've been traveling night and day
    I've been running all the way
    Baby, trying to get to you.

    Ever since I read your letter
    Where you said you loved me true
    I've been traveling night and day
    I've been running all the way
    baby, trying to get to you

    E7                      A        Riff 2
    When I read your loving letter
    Then my heart began to sing
    There were many miles between us,
    But they didn't mean a thing.

    I just had to reach you, baby,
    In spite of all that I've been through.
    I kept traveling night and day,
    I kept running all the way,
    Baby, trying to get to you.

    Well if I had to do it over
    That's exactly what I'd do,
    I would travel night and day,
    And I'd still run all the way,
    Baby, trying to get to you.

    Well, there's nothing that could hold me
    Or that could keep me away from you
    When your loving letter told me
    That you really loved me true

    Lord above me knows I love you
    It was He who brought me through,
    When my way was darkest night,
    He would shine His brightest light,
    When I was trying to get to you.

    Ending: E  A  A11  B7  E

e --0--
B --0--
G --0--
D --0--
A --0--
E -----

(Chords used in album version: F Bb and C7 )

Transcribed by Ferry Falkenburg (
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