No. 29
Words:Steve Earle
Music:Steve Earle
Performed By:  Steve Earle, The Dukes
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No. 29
Perf. Steve Earle and the Dukes
Albums: Angry Young Man, The Road And The Sky, Uncut Gems

I was born and raised here, this town's my town
Everybody knows my name
But ever since the glass plant closed down
Things round here ain't ever been the same.

Now I got me a good job, alright, some nights
Take me to another town
Back when I was number twenty-nine.

I was pretty good then
Don't you know, watch and go
Buddy, I could really fly

And everyone in town came here last horn-blast every other friday night
Sally yelled her heart out
Pushin' back way back
I was hers and she was mine
Back when I was number twenty-nine.


Now we was playing Smithfield, big boys, farm boys
Second down and four to go
And Bubba brought the play in
Good call, my ball
Now they're gonna see it show

But Bubba let this man go
I cut back, heard a crack,
Still hurts me, and I don't mind,
Reminds me of when I was number twenty-nine.

Now, I go to the ball-games, cold nights half price
Friday night I'm always here
We've got a pretty good team
They're good boys, strong boys
District champs the last three years

We got a little tail back
He's pretty quick, real slick
I take him for a steak sometimes
Nowerdays he's number twenty-nine.

Now I don't follow rainbows
Big dreams, brass rings
I've already captured mine
Back when I was number twenty-nine.
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