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Does Jumbo Jimbo know the lyrics you're looking for? If not, then you could try one of these specialist music search engines where you might just find an answer!

Jimbo's always keen to find out what sort of music you are interested in so that he can add it to the archive - he's got a lot to do so it may be a while before he researches your favourite band, but remember: elephants never forget!


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Once you've learned the basics of playing guitar, Jumbo Jimbo has thousands of songs for you to play along to. There are quite a few tutorials and lessons to help you get started.

Guitar lessons online - learn how to play guitar - GuitarVision is the revolutionary new way to learn how to play your favorite songs and scales on the guitar.

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Click And Search

General purpose search engine.

All of the UK

United Kingdom search engine and directory.

Celebhoo.com - Celebrities Search and Information

Find more about the performers covered by JumboJimbo.com, as well as many other bands, film stars and other celebrities.

Happy Online - Web Directory and Internet Guide

Ideal starting place for web newcomers.

Lyrics - Lyrics to popular songs by your favorite artists.

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